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*Daycare & Boarding Size Limits: 35lbs or 20 inches tall at the shoulders.  Grooming in Kirkland follows these same size limits. Grooming in Redmond is for all sizes of dogs.

*After sign up: The system will email us to tell us when you’ve signed up, we will call the veterinarian you list on your account, then email you to schedule your dog’s 1st visit / behavioral analysis. If you haven’t heard from us within 48 hours please email us because our email to you might have gone to your spam folder. Redmond:  or  Kirkland:

*Behavioral analysis are $15 and come with a free day of daycare for dogs that meet daycare requirements.


  1. Please assign an emergency contact other than yourself or your spouse. You can list your spouse in the name field alongside yours. We will call you and your spouse first in an emergency.
  2. Please list your full street address, not just house number and street name.
  3. You can get $20 for FREE! If you’re referred by a current member you’ll both receive a $20 referral bonus if you put their name in the how you heard about us field when signing up.

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What do dogs need before their 1st visit?  Updated bordetella, distemper and rabies vaccines, a titer test or waiver from your dog’s veterinarian. As well as a clean fecal test from within the last year. *Waivers for rabies not accepted because the rabies vaccine is federally regulated*

Do I need to buy a membership? A membership is Not required for the 1st visit because this is considered your dog’s behavioral analysis. Any additional daycare or boarding visits do require a membership. Dogs just coming for haircuts (grooming), Puppy Hour or some events are Not required to have a membership.

Want more info? We have a wealth of info via the ‘Info’ button at the top of this page. You can also call us at (425) 298-4530 or email us in:

Redmond at

Kirkland at

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