From the Groomers

Thank you for considering us as caretakers for your dog! Below you’ll find some information to help answer some questions you may have. If you have more questions please let us know.  (425) 298-4530
Products We Use:
If you choose to bring your own dog shampoo we will use it as directed. The shampoo we use, unless you designate otherwise, is a cactus aloe blend to help with hydration and conditioning. Other options include mango, Buddy Wash lavender / mint and lavish blueberry. The full body aloe massage includes USDA certified organic hand harvested aloe. The aloe is grown in a solar powered facility located within the USA. It contains no artificial preservatives but does contain lavender for added relaxation. We can skip the aloe massage by request but it will not decrease the price of grooming.
Dematting Info:
Dematting is something that we avoid at Doggy Styles. This is because it’s extremely painful for your dog, just like if you had someone pulling matts in your hair. Your dog’s fur is considered ‘hair’ when it grows, like human hair, without stopping at a certain length. When you took home a dog with hair you made a promise to keep them safe and to care for them. Part of that care is brushing them to ensure they don’t get matts that will later be painfully pulled out by the dog’s groomer. Matts can also cause skin irritation, rash and even lacerations to the skin under the matt. Please brush your dog daily or weekly if needed to avoid matts. This also helps your dog have a more pleasant time at the grooming salon. If you would like to schedule a weekly brush out service for your dog to help avoid matts we have this service available through our client portal. We really do not want to hurt your dog. Thank you for your understanding!
Medical & Behavioral Info:
Please keep us updated on any behavioral issues, medical conditions, medications, supplements and any other needs your dog has throughout their life. If your dog bites for something Please Tell Us in advance! Being bitten is something that happens most often when a client feels too embarrassed or forgets to tell their groomer about their dog’s bite history. It will not necessarily disqualify your dog from being groomed at Doggy Styles. The more we know the better we can care for your dog.
Cancellations / Rescheduling:
There is no charge for Doggy Styles Grooming visits cancelled or rescheduled by 6am 2 days before the day of grooming (ex. If your visit is scheduled on Monday you will not be charged for the visit if cancelled or rescheduled by 6am on Saturday morning).
Cancelled or rescheduled within 2 days of the scheduled visit will be charged at 50% of the visit cost.
Same day cancelled or rescheduled grooming visits will be charged at 100% of the visit cost.
No call no show grooming visits are billed at 100% of the visit cost.
This is because refilling that visit spot is highly unlikely. Our groomers are paid on commission. Cancellations and rescheduling can drastically affect a groomer’s ability to maintain their lifestyle, which makes for unhappy groomers. We don’t want our Pickle Crew to feel unappreciated or unhappy. Thank you for your understanding!
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