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Your dog’s big day should be the best day ever! Let’s accomplish that together. 


Our recipe was designed to accommodate dogs with food sensitivities. Lili’s recipe has Limited Ingredients and is always made with Human Grade foods. We use Organic and Locally Sourced products whenever possible.

Lili Bear and her brother, Pickles, were both abandoned on the streets and have food sensitivities. Each day we emphasise happiness to make up for lost time, but it’s been hard to find treats they can eat. That’s when Lili Bear decided to make her own treats. Ok, maybe she has help from humans but it was definitely all Lili’s idea.



Pick from mini cupcakes, Mine Cakes, 3 tier cookie cakes 4″ round cakes, alcohol bottle shaped cakes (for your dog’s 3rd aka 21st in dog years b-day perhaps) and more. If you have the idea we’ll try to make it come to life.

     Shape                             Size

Mini Cupcake  1.5 x 1.25

Mini Cake  3 x 1.5 – 3 x 1.25 (approx the size of a full size cupcake)

4″ Round Cake  4 x 3

3 Tier Cookie Cake  4 x 3

8″ Square Sheet Cake  8 x 8 x .75



*All cookies are approx. .25 – .5” tall.

Letter(s) of the alphabet or numbers Write your dog’s name in cookies across their cake!

Small cookies (Circle, Flower, Heart, Star, Triangle)

Medium cookies (Circle, Flower, Heart, Star, Square)

Large cookies (Bones, Circle, Flower, Heart, Star, Hexagon, Pickles logo)


Cakes, cupcakes and cookies: oat flour, apple sauce, peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, peanut oil, baking soda and baking powder.

Candy topping: sugar, partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, reduced mineral whey powder, whole milk solids, nonfat dry milk solids and soy lecithin.

Frosting: milk solids, yogurt powder, tapioca starch, peanut butter, coconut milk powder, tapioca maltodextrin, coconut flour, pectin and water.


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