Your Dog’s Birthday Party Space

ABOUT THE PARTY ROOMS ~ Only available in Kirkland

***For now we are not serving alcohol. Please see details below***

~ Cost: $100 per hour. Room decorated for you: $50

~ Party Assistant: Your party comes with it’s very own personal assistant. This Pickle Crew member will be on hand to keep the music going, clean up after your human guests, be your personal bar tender and answer any questions.

~ Amenities: Our rooms are temperature controlled to keep you, your pup and friends at a comfortable temperature throughout your visit.

~ Cleaning: During the party guests are encouraged to clean up after their own pups. Before and after the party our Pickle team will handle all cleaning, set-up, take-down and more cleaning. So you just enjoy the day without needing to lift a finger.

~ Themes and Decorations: We have a plethora of decorations on hand. So if you’re looking for a specific theme or color scheme we might already have it ready to go. If there are specific decorations you’d like for your pup’s big day you’re more than welcome to drop those off the day before or have them shipped directly to us. We’ll ensure to decorate in a way to make your dog proud. The $50 decorating fee is for any party that requires us to decorate with our supplies or yours.

~ Add on Services: Dog Cookie Decorating is a big hit and so much fun. The cost depends on the number of cookies you want available. Cookies are usually around $2 each. You must supply your own frosting per FDA regulations, but we supply the cookies, sprinkles, and piping supplies. Bubble Machines with dog safe bacon flavored bubbles is always great too. We supply everything for this $6 add on service. Invitations are important! We’ve been doing this for a while and have doggy party planning down to a science. If you want help creating an electronic or paper version of an invitation let us know. Invitation design costs $25 and will come in a beautiful theme for your dog’s party. Ooooh dog, you faaancy!


~ Outside Beverages: The golden rule at Pickles Playland is if we sell it please don’t bring it. We’ll supply the non-alcoholic beverages. Thinking of bringing a beverage? Give us a call to see if it’s already on our menu. Please do Not bring alcoholic beverages because we don’t want to be the mean people that rain on your parade. We do not serve alcohol at this time, sorry for any inconvenience. Pickles would love a Manhattan too, but alas it’s not allowed.

~ Outside Food: We don’t serve food because we can’t legally prepare open food around animals (something about public health and safety?). So you can bring food with you or pre-order from a restaurant in the same complex as Pickles Playland for us to pick up before your party. Most of our team members have food handler permits and can assist with your human food displays, but won’t touch your actual food items. Here is a directory of restaurants around Redmond Town Center and Carillon Point.

Carillon Point, Kirkland:


Lili Bear Bakery and Puddles Barkery are the two doggy bakeries we have on hand. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks notice for all custom orders. If you’d like us to email you photos of what we currently have on hand just let us know.

Lili Bear Bakery:

Puddles Barkery:


~ Dog size limits: We do Not have a dog size limit because this is your dog’s day and they don’t discriminate. So party on big boi!

~ Group size limits: Redmond has 2 rooms that host up to 20 people each. Kirkland has 1 room that hosts up to 45 people.

~ Age limits: We are legally required to ask for proof of identification because we are a tavern. Thank you for your understanding and for not bringing anyone under 21 years old. Dogs of all ages can come. 😉

~ Behavior: The same rules go for the pups and their humans: Be friendly. If you’re caught barking excessively, trying to steal your friend’s treats out of their mouth, bullying or talking too aggressively about differing politics we might ask you to leave. If you or your dog have an issue with pottying on things we might ask you to wear a belly band for public health reasons. I promise we have them in human size, don’t make us use them.

~ Guest List: You’re welcome to invite whomever you want and exclude whomever you want. This means you can choose to have your party as guest list only, choose to invite dogs that your dog plays with at daycare or leave it open to the public. It’s your dog’s special day, so tell us what we can do to accommodate you and your dog!


Email us the below details. When we have the details and team members scheduled we will confirm your party reservation. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks notice for party room rentals.

  1. The ideal date(s) and time frame(s) of your party
  2. What location and how may rooms you want to reserve
  3. How many people and dogs you intend to invite
  4. Your reason for the party and what theme we should decorate in
  5. Your preference for if the party is invite only, open to the public, or if we should invite friends from daycare
  6. Any questions you have


Sometimes life just happens and a party needs to be moved. Although we feel for you and want to party hard with your pup we can’t guarantee a certain date and time is available if you move your party. We will however try to find something as close to your desired date and time as possible. Any party canceled or rescheduled within 2 days of the party will be charged at the full party rental rate. If you cancel or reschedule your party in 3 or more days before the party there is no charge.

Did we miss any details? If so, click the contact button at the top of this page.

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