*Standard memberships are $65 +tax per family, not per dog, annually. Prime Passport Card Members receive this membership level for $1 annually + 2 full day or 4 half day visit credits.

Access to the Daycare, Indoor Dog Park, Lounge, Spa and other services at all Pickle’s Playland locations

1 FREE day of daycare during the behavioral analysis

FREE Doga Yoga classes (Jan-March)

FREE member gifts at some events

Member only specials on merchandise

Free admission to many Public events

Free admission to many Members only events

*Gold memberships are $300 +tax per family, not per dog, annually.

All of the perks of the standard membership as well as:

A monthly bath for your dog (up to 2 dogs per family)

Guaranteed daycare (your dog will never be turned away, even if we’re technically full)

A free birthday cake for your dog during their birthday week

Access to the annual Pickle VIP Party

Access to VIP member events

*Diamond memberships are $600 +tax per family, not per dog, annually.

You’ll receive all of the same benefits as the Gold membership plus:

5 full day or 10 half day visits

12 Diamond Member Baths (includes all bathing services. Bath, light brushing, undercoat & allergen blow-out, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and aloe back massage)

Free entry to all wine tastings

Free 2 hour Diamond Level Birthday room rental for your dog’s birthday (includes a cake for your dog’s birthday)

1 artistic art panel to be hung at Pickles Playland

*Monthly Standard memberships are $20 +tax per family each month, not per dog. The membership benefits are the same as shown above in the Standard Annual membership section.

Is your dog’s name Pickles? Ours too! Your dog and their fun name receive a $1 annual membership that comes with all the benefits of a Standard membership.

Membership Requirements

We are technically a bar, so all humans must be 21+.

You and your dog must be dog & human friendly. There will be other dogs and other people at Pickles Playland. If you wouldn’t bring your dog to a dog park then they probably aren’t a good fit for daycare or for our events.

Your dog(s) must pass our behavioral analysis. More information about the behavioral analysis here.

Your dog must not demonstrate excessive barking or aggressive behavior.

You must provide proof of a clean fecal test results every year and again if your dog has consistent diarrhea.

Your dog must be up to date on: Rabies, Distemper & Bordetella. We do accept titer tests. We also administer bordetella and distemper vaccines upon request.

Daycare & Overnight Care Requirements

At Pickles Playland we accept dog approximately 24 inches or shorter at the shoulder and up to 50lbs.

See membership requirements above. We require a membership for all dogs attending daycare, overnight care and some events.

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