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Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral analysis are free and do not require a membership. We do need you to sign up in our client portal, so we can add your dog’s visit and health information into the system.

We analyze each dog that stays as a guest at Pickles Playland. Our focus is on the mental, physical and spiritual safety of each dog. You and your dog will be introduced to a ‘tester’ dog to see how the dogs interact. If your dog shows positive behavior with the ‘tester’ dog we ask that you leave your dog with us for a minimum of 60 minutes, so we can see how your dog reacts to being in a daycare environment without you.
This can take up to 60 minutes because some dogs need more time than others to integrate into the group that we think they will be happiest in.
Once our behavioral analysis is done we will call you with an update on how your dog is doing. If your dog does well you’re welcome to pick them up whenever is convenient for you or leave them for a free day of daycare.
If you do a behavioral analysis after hours or on the weekend your dog might be tested with Pickles himself! Pickles is a large dog and is not at the daycare during daycare hours, but is very friendly.

*Tester dogs are dogs that have been authorized, by their parents, to test with new dogs. Behavioral analyses can be scheduled:  Mondays – Fridays 8:30am through 4pm, Saturdays & Sundays 1pm through 4pm. To request a behavior analysis outside of these times please email us at


Walk Throughs

Walk throughs are free and do not require membership. Our daycare is Not open to the public for walk throughs during the busiest daycare hours (Mon-Fri 6am-4:30pm).

This is because strangers entering the daycare rooms can cause the daycare dogs to get overly excited, like they do at home. So in an effort to keep things from getting out of control we provide walk throughs by appointment starting at 5pm on week days & between 10am – 7pm on weekends. 

You’re welcome to do a walk through of Pickles Playland during events that are open to the public. During events walk throughs do not require an appointment.

We ask that you do not bring your dog to a walk through, unless doing so during a public event or unless you have someone able to watch your dog in the lobby while you walk through the Playland. This is because we are unlikely to have had your dog come to the Playland for a behavioral analysis or checked their health information beforehand.


Daycare, Pickle Spa & Overnight Care Requirements

Kirkland:   20 inches or shorter at the shoulders and up to 35lbs.

Redmond:   24 inches or shorter at the shoulder and up to 50lbs.

See membership requirements above. We require a membership for all dogs attending daycare, overnight care, spa services and member only events. We also require the following vaccines: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella and a clean fecal test within the last year.

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