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Pickles’ focus is on helping our communities of dogs and their parents. We’re here to provide a better experience for you and your pup.

Signing up in the client portal is the first step. Once you’ve signed up in the portal we will contact your dog’s veterinarian to get their vaccine and fecal test information sent to us. Once we have that information we will email you to see if you have any questions and / or want to set up a $15 behavioral analysis for your dog. Click Here to sign up in the client portal.

Memberships are for clients that want to use daycare, boarding and / or receive discounts on merchandise and events. You do not need a membership if you only want to use grooming, training, the Pickle Lounge on weekends and/or to attend some events. See our membership page for more information. Click here to find the membership page.

Daycare is our most popular service. We host puppies and dogs up to approximately 35lbs or 20 inches tall at the shoulders. Our focus for daycare is on bringing a safe and comfortable home like environment that your dog can enjoy while you’re busy. Pickles Playland focuses on health, safety and sanitization. This means your dog won’t come home smelling of urine, like they do at many other daycares. Your dog will learn and maintain vital socialization skills and trained behaviors that you can continue at home. We work on basic obedience and proper play styles with all dogs that attend daycare. We also work on waiting at doorways.

Vaccines are something we require. We do however accept titer tests and/or documentation from a veterinarian explaining why your dog shouldn’t have a certain vaccine. The vaccines we need information about are rabies, distemper and bordetella. We can update your dog’s bordetella and/or distemper (DA2PP, this doesn’t include leptospirosis) while they visit us. Rabies is federally regulated, so that has to be updated by a licensed veterinarian. We also require a clean fecal test from within the last year. We do Not perform fecal testing.

Weekends are when we host most of our events. You can come with your dog and friends to enjoy beer, wine, hard cider and good times in our play rooms. If you and you’re dog plan to join us, but haven’t signed up in the portal yet please bring your dog’s proof of vaccines with you (bordetella, distemper & rabies). Our play rooms are available to rent for your dog’s birthday! We have many fun options to help ensure your dog’s birthday is the best birthday possible. Options include a bubble machine, carnival theme, toys, and more! Click Here for more party rental info.

Does Pickles take all sizes of dogs?

Although we love all dogs and Pickles himself is an extra large gentleman our doggy daycares are focused on caring for the smallest dogs in the community. We have a strict height limit of 20 inches at the shoulders and 35lbs. If you have a puppy that will outgrow us they are welcome to join until they grow out of our size limitations! Large breed puppies can learn to be great with small dogs if they’re around small dogs while growing up.

What is required before my dog’s 1st visit?

Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella and an annual clean fecal test. You’ll want to sign up in our client portal and include your dog’s veterinarian information and/or attach files showing proof of the vaccines and fecal test. Once we have the appropriate information we will schedule your dog’s 1st visit (behavioral analysis, $15) on our side of the portal. This is to help us keep everyone safe by confirming we do have all of the required information before a dog comes into Pickles.

What happens during the behavioral analysis?

Your dog’s 1st visit is considered their behavioral analysis. Once you’ve signed up on the client portal we’ll get your dog’s vaccine and fecal information then we’ll schedule the behavioral analysis on our side of the portal. This is designed to ensure we don’t have multiple new dogs at once, for safety reasons

The behavioral analysis is when you to drop your dog off for 2 hours with us. This allows us to get to know your dog and for them to settle into the environment at Pickles Playland. We analyze for things like food, toy, dog, and human aggression as well as their temperament and personality type. This helps to ensure dogs are safe with our current group of dogs without having to push them too fast for their comfort level. We will bring your dog to an area where they can see the other dogs playing and give them time to decide when they want to join the group. When your dog gets to observe for a while they feel more ready to interact. This also helps to make your dog less ‘novel’ to the dogs already in the play group. We might also introduce your dog 1 at a time to the other dogs in the group before they join the larger group of dogs. We try to tailor the experience to how we can make your dog feel comfortable. Once the 2 hour behavioral analysis is done we will call you to tell you how your dog is doing. If they’re doing well you’ll be welcome to leave them until we close, for no additional cost. The behavioral analysis is $15.

Why do the behavioral analyses take 2 hours?

We’re what is considered a structured daycare. This means we’re here to not only warehouse your dog, like most daycares, but to help them learn or maintain appropriate habits and behaviors. Being a structured daycare doesn’t mean we’ll take any dog that has any behavioral issue. It means we’re picky about what dogs we do take because each dog has the potential to either be an asset to the group or cause chaos. We’re here to have a healthy experience for all of the dogs in our care and for our team of 2 leggers. If your dog starts to develop signs of larger behavioral issues we will let you know as soon as we see the warning signs. This allows you time to hire a trainer and/or work on things at home to help your dog turn the corner back to positive behaviors. If the behaviors are not worked on we might need to excuse your dog until you’re able to work on the behaviors with them.

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