Pickles’ Story

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Pickles has inspired us to help dogs live their lives to the fullest:

As a 2 month old puppy, Pickles was abandoned along hwy 520 in November of 2015. His ears had been cut off and he was howling for help. Luckily, a great family happened to hear his cries and brought him home until they were able to find him a forever home.

When Pickles went to the veterinarian, with his new mom, they found out about Pickles’ extreme heart condition, pulmonic stenosis.  Pickles was in the O.R. just a couple days later, thanks in part by donations from other great people around the world. Pickles ended up needing 2 heart surgeries and multiple echocardiograms. The cardiology team at Seattle Veterinary Specialists were a huge help and continue to be some of his favorite people to this very day. Pickles can sometimes be found at SVS laying in the lobby and yodeling for attention from the staff.

Against the odds, two years later he has grown into a wonderful and loving friend to all people and animals. Throughout his life Pickles has helped to teach people and other dogs to conquer their fears and see everyone around them as a potential best friend. Pickles’ current best friends are everyone he meets, but he has a soft spot for any dog under 10 pounds. Pickles grew up playing with, Pipa, a 3 pound pomeranian and her big brother, Nori, a 6 pound pomeranian. So Pickles is fairly certain he’s a pomeranian as well.

Pickles’ favorite food:  Fruit of any kind. Pickles has many allergies but fruit is his favorite thing in the world!

Pickles’ favorite color:  Green, because he’s a big dill.

Pickles’ favorite saying:  Would you like a banana? He comes running over to me every time.

Pickles’ favorite t.v. show:  Westminster dog show. He has watched it 2 years in a row and yes I do mean he has literally watched it.

Pickles’ hobbies:  Swimming, hiking, playing in snow, chewing on toys and playing at Marymoor or Jasper’s dog parks.

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Pickles is larger than our approximate height and weight limit, but still joins us at the daycare. If you would like to meet Pickles please don’t hesitate to ask. He wants to meet you too!

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