Puppy Hour

Puppy Hour is our way of helping puppies grow into the kind of dog everyone wants. At Pickles we believe socialization is key to teaching puppies how to be well balanced. But we wanted to take it one step farther, by introducing a curriculum to our Puppy Hours. Each session focuses on something to assist your puppy in learning life skills and resilience. We work on things like “Leave-it”, eye contact, basic obedience and sound desensitization.

How do I get started? Sign up in our client portal, so we can add your puppy’s reservation to the calendar. We often ‘sell-out’ of spots for Puppy Hour. Pre-registration is highly recommended. Find the client portal here. Click here for instruction on how to book Puppy Hour via the client portal.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING? Your puppy connected to a leash for safety reasons.

DOES MY PUPPY NEED VACCINES? Your puppy needs to have the age appropriate vaccines for your puppy’s age per the instruction of your veterinarian. When we call your puppy’s veterinarian on file (you give us this info when signing up in the client portal) we will ask them if your puppy is up to date on the vaccines that your veterinarian recommends for their age.

WHAT DAYS ARE PUPPY HOURS SCHEDULED ON? Saturdays. We do plan to host more Puppy Hours, but for now we only offer it on Saturdays. We do have daycare Mondays-Sundays though. So your puppy might be eligible to socialize and learn with us at daycare too. Every now and then Puppy Hour is not scheduled on the usually scheduled day. Please check our Facebook events page or call us to confirm Puppy Hour is available if you don’t see it available to schedule on the client portal.

WHAT TIME IS PUPPY HOUR? Puppy Hour starts for puppies 2 – 4 months old at 11am and ends at 12pm. The sessions for puppies 4 – 9 months begin at 12:15pm and end at 1:15pm. Your puppy can overlap either group when they are 4 months old because developmentally some puppies do better with the younger group and other puppies do best with the older group.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? $10 per session for members. $15 per session for non-members.

IS MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED? No. Membership is not required for Puppy Hour. We only require membership for daycare, overnight care, some discounts on merchandise and some events.

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