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Prices on this page are a reflection of the 2023 pricing adjustments. Some services before 2023 will be lower than what is listed on this page.


Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm. Saturday & Sunday is reserved for events, so there is no daycare sorry.

Transport is unavailable until further notice, due to our vehicle being in the shop & supply chain issues. See ‘Transportation in the Bow Wow Limo’ section below for details once transport is available again.

The Pickles Playland doggy daycare is structured to not only house your dog while you’re busy but to give them a healthy environment to enjoy. A large part of our philosophy is to help improve your dog’s life by helping them be the best dog possible. This includes teaching your dog to curb the impulse to bark, pull on leash, run through gates/doors and jump on people.

Having a natural approach is another part of our philosophy. Aroma therapy is also utilized throughout Pickles Playland to help your dog feel comfortable and ‘at home’. You’ll notice insect repelling plants in and around Pickles Playland locations. Our staff cleans messes by hand, instead of using bacteria spreading mops and hoses. During our cleaning process we use natural pet safe and insect repelling cleaners. We believe this helps to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

Your dog will be hosted by a team that receives annual pet first aid, CPR, bloat, and dementia certification and dog behavioral training classes. This is because we don’t just hire people that like dogs, but people that want to help improve the lives of dogs in their communities.

Prices depend on the number of visits you purchase at a time. Pricing for packages listed below. Click here for our cancellation policy. 

Holiday Details:

Full Day  (more than 4 hours)     $49 – $41.65

Half Day  (4 hours or less)     $27 – $22.95

Transport to or from Pickles Mon-Fri  $8.50

Transport to or from Pickles Sat & Sun  $40

* See ‘Transportation in the Bow Wow Limo’ section below Prices increase slightly every January 1st.

Daycare Packages

5 Half Days    $128.25 (save 5%. $25.65 per visit)

10 Half Days     $242.99 (save 10%. $24.30 per visit)

20 Half Days     $458.98 (save 15%. $22.95 per visit)

5 Full Days     $232.75 (save 5%. $46.55 per visit)

10 Full Days     $441 (save 10%. $44.10 per visit)

20 Full Days     $833 (save 15%. $41.65 per visit)

Unlimited Yearly Daycare Packages

Unlimited Yearly Daycare packages start on the day you sign up and last until the same date in the following year. For example if you sign up on for an Unlimited Yearly Daycare package on January 15th you will have unlimited daycare through January 15th of the next year. This subscription also covers your standard membership per year and is auto-billed each year until you cancel. Yearly packages subscriptions are non-refundable so please email at least 1 month in advance to cancel.

For single dog households the Unlimited Yearly Daycare package is $9,187.50 +tax (25% savings)

*Equates to $31.99 per visit, when you use all available daycare days per year. There are 52 weeks per year, minus 2 weeks for things like holidays. Multiply 50 weeks by 5 days per week = 250 visits. 250 full day visits = $12,250 – 25% ($3,062.50) = $9,187.50. There is no charge for the standard membership which is usually $65 +tax per year.



Memorial Day: May 28th – 30th (Saturday – Monday)

Independence Day: July 2nd – 4th (Saturday – Monday)

Labor Day: September 3rd – 5th (Saturday – Monday)

Thanksgiving: November 24th – 27th (Thursday – Sunday)

Christmas: December 23rd – 26th (Friday – Monday)

New Years: January 1st (Sunday)


Memorial Day: May 27th – 29th (Saturday – Monday)

Independence Day: July 1st – July 4th (Saturday – Monday)

Labor Day: September 1st – 4th (Friday – Monday)

Thanksgiving: November 23rd – 26th (Thursday – Sunday)

Christmas: December 23rd – 26th (Saturday – Tuesday)

Transportation in the Bow Wow Limo

Safety and health are always our main focus at Pickles. Our transport van is one of the safest on the road. The Bow Wow Limo is outfitted with custom features to ensure safety is easily the highest priority.

How do we accomplish this? We’re glad you asked. Behind the front seats we have a steal divider. This not only ensure nothing comes into the front of the van, where the driver is, but also gives extra support in case of a car accident. Each family’s dog(s) receive their own metal kennel to hold relax in during their time in the limo. These kennels are made of metal bars, so we can see inside at all times and the climate controlled air can reach every dog. Being in these kennels ensures your dog isn’t being stepped on by other dogs during transport and won’t jump out of the vehicle when we open the door to load or unload another family’s dog(s).

Transport is available by appointment and will arrive to your home within these time frames: Mon-Fri 7am-10am & 3:30pm-7pm. When requesting transport please indicate the best time frame for us to arrive at your home. We can not guarantee we will arrive at your home at a specific time.

Transportation is available within a 3 miles radius of any Pickles Playland location. We do not enter high-rise apartment or condo complexes, or any complex that involves us to enter your unit from within the building, we can however meet you in front of your complex’s office for transportation purposes if needed. This is because your dog will probably not be the only dog we’re picking up. For safety reasons will do not leave the other dogs while in our care to get to your unit. Thank you for your understanding.

Transport to or from Pickles Mon-Fri  $8.50

Transport to or from Pickles Sat & Sun  $40

Bathing Services

Click here to see the full details about our grooming salon.


Bordetella or Distemper (DA2PP)     $21

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