Bathing Spa & Massage Service

(During Daycare Hours Only)

Your dog can soon enjoy a bath and full body massage in our dog Bathing Spa!

Lavender aromatherapy and ‘happy light’ helps dogs relax as we gently bath them in our one on one Bathing Spa. Our team is trained on different pressure points to help dogs relax and enjoy their experience. While gently massaging your dog the team member will remain hands on throughout the process and help to evaluate how they can help your dog to have a pleasant experience.

Our Bathing Spa use only hypoallergenic and essential oil shampoos. After the bath your dog will receive cuddles in a warm towel, with the team member that bathes them. Once your dog is relaxed and feeling well cuddled they will receive light brushing to help release loose fur and dander. Once the brushing is complete your dog will go bath to nap time or playing with their friends. We will also lightly clean your dog’s ears. We do not ‘flush’ ears like other spas, but rather gently wipe them with ear cleaner and a soft paper towel.

Nail trims are not included in this service but can be booked for the same day. We do not allow all team members to trim nails as we only allow people with experience to trim any dog’s nails.

*What we don’t do:  Hair cuts of any kind, shaving of any kind, dematting, heated kennel driers, ear hair plucking, anal gland expression and/or anything that we feel is too stressful for your dog to be comfortable with.

All visits subject to availability due to space. You are always welcome to call ahead to check for availability. Pickles Playland is a members only club. So your dog needs to be a member to join us for spa services. The price per bath is the same for all dogs. 

Nail trim   $20

Ear cleaning   $10

Full service baths   $35

Discounts:  1 free bath for Puget Sound Rescue adoptees. We do offer bathing packages under the Packages button above. 

To book your dog’s spa visit:  After setting up your member profile click on the “Daycare” button then select the ‘Bathing Spa & Massage Service’ option.

Location 12669 NE 85th Street, Kirkland, WA 98033 Phone (425) 298-4530 E-mail Info@PicklesPlayland.DOG Hours DAYCARE: Mon - Fri 6am - 7pm & Sat / Sun by appt only 21+ INDOOR DOG PARK & LOUNGE: Sat & Sun during events only
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