We are unable to accommodate new private training clients at this time. I’m sorry for the inconvenience! Here is a link to the behaviorist / trainer that we recommend: Brandy Westmore of Right Paw Forward

We’re here to help, because having a well behaved dog is

Life Changing!

Pickles Playland’s dog training is a positive psychology based approach that varies depending on what works best for you and your dog. This allows us to work with each dog on a deeper and more balanced level. We’re here to see how behavioral training can work into your lifestyle, rather than to tell you what you are and aren’t allowed to do with your dog. We mark behaviors that we don’t want, ask your dog for the behavior we do want and boost their confidence to get it right next time.

Our goal is to improve the lives of people and their pets. So the more details the better. When you reach out to us please don’t hesitate to send us a long email of details. If you think a piece of info might be helpful then send it to us. We want to know about you, your human family members, your animal family members, your home and most importantly your dog. All of the elements of your life help guide your dog’s sense of the world, lifestyle, understanding of what’s expected of them and what to expect in the outside world.

What behaviors can we work on?

  • Getting Set-up For Your New Puppy
  • First-time Dog Owner Help
  • Confidence Building
  • Proper Leash Etiquette
  • Calmly Approaching People & Pets
  • Impulse Control
  • Barking reduction in your home and outdoors
  • Overcoming Fears & Phobias / canine coping skills
  • Basic Obedience
  • Touch Targeting
  • And more

1 Hour Private Sessions with Nikki $125

*These sessions can include you if you’d like or can be 1 on 1 times between Nikki and your dog. These sessions can be scheduled Here.

30min During Daycare Sessions with Nikki $50

*These sessions take place during your dog’s daycare visit. They are meant to be 1 on 1 sessions between Nikki and your dog. Nikki will send an email with instructions on what she did during the session as well as the behaviors associated with the training. This is to help you understand what to do at home to further your dog’s training. These sessions can be scheduled via the client portal.

Life Enhancement Training Series


$110 per dog  ($347 value)

3 hour class including down time + Free Daycare

10am – 1pm.  Mondays in Kirkland. Tuesdays & Wednesdays in Redmond.

L.E.T.S. is like a day boarding and training program mixed in one. This means you’ll drop your dog off before class and pick them up afterwards. 

These classes are meant to maximize your dog’s time with a behavioral trainer to work on:

1)               basic obedience

2)              life enhancement skills

3)              relaxation during grooming

4)              proper socialization with people and other dogs

5)              confidence building

6)              impulse control

7)              leash manners

8)              and more

Each class will have a specific focus and will include kennel training & how to calmly stay on their bed until invited off to teach your dog how to ‘calm’ upon request.

We tailor the classes based on the needs of the dogs in attendance for the day. We’re able to tailor the program to the needs of these specific dogs because we gather a lot of information about you, your dog, and your needs before class begins.

Pre-registration is required for every L.E.T.S. attendee. Cancelations / rescheduled sessions are non-refundable within 1 week.  We only host this program on days that we have 4 or more attendees, if class is canceled due to low attendance we will offer you other dates available to reschedule your session to without charging a cancelation fee.

L.E.T.S classes include a full day of daycare for dogs that qualify for daycare. Please see the daycare page for full details. This means you can drop your dog off as early as 7am and pick them up as late as 7pm.

Classes run by Nikki Johnson, Pickles’ mom and Pickles Playland’s lead behaviorist.

Nikki Johnson

Behaviorist / Dog Trainer, CDO & Pickles’ Mommy

I use various different methods for training because I’ve apprenticed with multiple dog trainers and behaviorists. My training style is called behavioral training because I am a dog behaviorist. So I can tell you why your dog does the behavior you don’t want, how to fix the behavior and why the training will make sense for your specific dog. I specialize in training service dogs for people with PTSD and rehabilitation of dogs with fear based aggression. But I am very experienced and excited to help people and their dogs with almost any behavioral needs! The types of training I do not offer are: Tricks like dancing and rolling over, agility, scent work and search/rescue. I’ve won multiple awards in the pet industry since 2015.

To schedule with Nikki click Here

Jewel Thacker & Luna

Canine behavioral apprentice & Assistant manager of Pickles Playland in Redmond

Jewel is an avid dog enthusiast and always looking to grow her knowledge base. Jewel is under apprenticeship from Nikki Johnson and is excited to take on her own clients as she learns more skills. Jewel not only has profession canine experience through her work at Pickles but also continues her education online through the Fear Free certification process. When not working Jewel can be found cuddling with her 2 dogs Luna and Panda, whom your dog might know from daycare at Pickles.

To schedule with Jewel please email

Abby Higgs

Dog Walking Expert & In-Home Care Coordinator

Abby has worked with dogs of all sizes and ages for many years while gaining the knowledge and techniques to help guide dogs into the right behaviors during walks. She has multiple different methods and training tools to help each individual dog. All of Abby’s techniques are based in positive reinforcement with treats, verbal and physical praise. Abby has won multiple awards in the pet service industry since 2017. Abby is also our In-Home Care coordinator and ‘cat lady’. She has an understanding like no other with many types of animals.

To schedule with Abby please request via the portal or by emailing

Are we missing any details? If so, click the contact button at the top of this page.

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